Monday, 9 March 2015

Magical Monday's

Hermione Granger.

HERMIONE GRANGER NAILS HARRY POTTER NOTD - BGPOLISHWelcome back everyone! I am back today to talk to you about the latest in the Magical Monday's collection, and this time Alicia from FixintoFaff and I have decided to showcase Hermione. This one I took a lot longer to finish the complete look because I honestly had no idea how to portray this character over five nails.
HERMIONE GRANGER NAILS HARRY POTTER NOTD - BGPOLISHI began with my base coats. On the thumb, pointer and pinky I painted two coats of Barry M Grey, on the middle I painted one coat of Manhattan 69R and on the ring finger I did two coats of Barry M Matte Black. I chose to use the grey because it was a reminder to the walls of Hogwarts, which were a stone grey. I then used the brown for the middle so I had a dark base I could pull through on her hair, and the black was just to tie everything together with another shade.
HERMIONE GRANGER NAILS HARRY POTTER NOTD - BGPOLISHNow lets talk about the art on the nails. I used another two brown shades on the middle finger, to try and recreate Hermione's Hair, these colours were Laval Mud and p2 Well Dressed. To do this design I didn't really let any of my layers dry, and using a detailing brush I painted on squiggly lines with Mud and then I painted Well dressed in between and pressed harder to mix them on the nails, after this was complete I used Out the Door topcoat to mix it all together a little more. My pointer finger I used Barry M Gold Foil to hand paint my G, this was supposed to symbolise Hermione being in the house Gryffindor. The ring finger is supposed to be a time turner from when she had to use one throughout Prisoner of Azkaban, and I deliberately smeared this design so it looked almost like it was in motion, although I am unconvinced it looked good enough.
HERMIONE GRANGER NAILS HARRY POTTER NOTD - BGPOLISHMy pinky was painted with Manhattan 69R and Barry M Gold Foil with a detailing brush to create Hermione's Wand. And lastly is the thumb, on this one I used Manhattan 69R and Barry M Gold Foil to create her wand as well as write the word Mudblood, which she is regularly referred to within the films and the books, which is all to do with her blood status within the wizarding community.
PHEW! That was a long description! So yeah, if you liked this one then you can jump over to Ali's post about Hermione here. If you like this collab then we will return with another segment next month!


  1. Okay that's cool we both did time turners! These are lovelying babE!

    1. My phone does some weird auto-correct sometimes. Sorry.


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