Monday, 6 June 2016


Each new day brings with it new opportunities. 

Lacey's Crazy! :D
By the time you read this, I will have done day one of my detox (take two!), I will have been for a swim and will now be sitting down to watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones! This last weekend has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Firstly my boyfriend broke up with me for some mundane pathetic reason, I decided to get my life together and I also supported my brother at his Strongman Competition. Keep reading to find out whats been going on. And yeah, my niece decided to do my hair, and I think she may be crazier than me!
This was the photo he dumped me over..
So the weekend began on friday night where my now Ex Boyfriend decided he would take a huff and not speak to me all night, because I showed a little too much boob in a photo on snapchat. Pathetic right? Firstly I was irritated that he was giving me silent treatment over something so pathetic, and then on Saturday he decided that actually, he would end the relationship there, because of said photo. I was upset at losing him, because I cared for him, but having had time to think about what has been going on, I have realised he wasn't a very supportive partner, and he would only ever do something if it suited him. After a short time I became angry, because actually it is my body and I will show off which ever area of it I like, I liked that photo of myself, and it isn't very often I say that. Why should I cover up and do what I am told? I am my own person, and if you don't like it, leave. 
Which is exactly what he did, because I refused to agree with him. 
Auntie Roisin with Sophie and Logan<3
After this I spent some time with family, going out to dinner at an italian and I am ashamed to say I managed to polish off a whole large pizza on my own. But I had fun. I laughed, and enjoyed spending time with those I don't seem to see often enough. After a while, I came home and I slept alone. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn't actually mind it so much. Why should I sit and watch whatever movie he decided? I will watch what I want thank you very much. Yesterday was a busy day. I got up early and went to meet family, we travelled to Hatfield where my brother Robbie was taking part in his first strongman competition, and I am amazed to say that he came in 5th in an open weight class! He did amazingly, and we couldn't be more proud of him if we tried!
Robbie getting ready for deadlifts
Robbie hit a new personal best of deadlifting 265kgs. How this is possible is beyond me, we were all in the crowd shouting and cheering as he went, and Sophie even ran to Uncle Robbie with some water for him, as she said he was very good at being strongman. 
Once back at home, I realised something. I am unhappy. I am unhappy about my weight, my appearance and in general, life. Perhaps this is why I keep finding partners which are unsupportive, unhelpful and generally a dick. I am going to focus on making myself better, I am no longer looking for love, because if its worth it then it will find me damnit! I am going to focus on loving myself, making my life better and in turn, being happier. I have been healthy eating all of today, and I am going to be swimming regularly too. So here's to an update on my JP soon right? Take care!

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